Top 3 place to visit on a blue cave tour

While planning for a trip, you may be thinking that which place is better for you to visit in the summer and if mountain and sea are not the part of it then you are not exactly planning for a trip.

The best place you can visit for the sea is blue cave as it is calm and interesting to move around the cave in special boats. Let us discuss the top 3 three places for your summer trip.

  1. Bisevo Island

It is the favourite place of all the tourist and they love to visit it. Blue cave is situated in the islands of Croatia. You can hire a speed boat to reach that place and the best time to visit that place is in the morning. This Blue cave tour from Split will be the perfect experience of your life.

  1. Budikovac Island

The beauty of the blue lagoon is at its best, and you can experience the crystal clear sea. You can also see the bottom of the see with your naked eye. You need to hire an experienced sailor from the island to see the beauty of the sea.

  1. Vis Island

It is a tight and small bay situated on the island of the Vis. It is one of the best places or islands of Croatia for the tour as you can have the best experience of the crystal clear sea and beaches. It is also known as the stiniva, and the main reason behind its popularity is that it is surrounded by high cliffs.

These all are the top 3 places which you can visit this summer, and the best part is that it is not an expensive trip. If you visit these places, then you will not regret your decision.